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WebMaster – increased efficiency, less cost 

WebMaster is a dynamic content management system, in constant development. TM Software‘s specialists have developed the product which makes all custom development much easier and we can thereby easily adjust to different customers’ needs. WebMaster offers a simple structure for building and managing content for web sites, intranets and extranets. Our main goal is that our content management system makes it easy to set up and maintain strong websites

WebMaster – basics 

WebMaster basic module provides a strong base for building and maintaining web trees, texts, pictures, links and other information required for the website and offers dynamic search in data libraries and questions. Information presentation is managed through templates and their linkage to grouped materials. 

  • Templates indicate how texts, pictures and other material is presented on the website. The templates are build and set up according to customer’s needs e.g. group templates, news templates, question templates, employee templates, search templates and web tree. 
  • The group classification system is WebMasters heart and manages the layout structure and web tree. 
  • The layout structure and web tree is created automatically as soon as the user creates a group. 
  • The article- and news system manages almost all text and picture material for the websites. 
  • The connection system manages the publication of links in a specific place on the site and also creates the possibility to publish connected web pages in the system. 
  • The employee and user system, where information on users and access are managed, can also publish information on employees. 
  • The setting systems where particular publishing part and fixed content is managed such as e-mail address, number of news on front page, number of pictures etc. 

WebMaster – Advanced 

Number of advance module is available in WebMaster, which can fulfil various additional companies’ requirement. This can be added to the Webmaster basic module in the beginning of integration or later on. This enables companies to add models all according to their needs and increase their website according to the company’s growth. 

Among WebMaster advanced models are: 

  • Advertising module
  • Picutre module
  • FAQ
  • Explanatory module 
  • Questionnaire module 
  • Quick search module 
  • Front page module 
  • E-mail list module 
  • Job application module 
  • File module 
  • Pricelist module
  • Terms of use module 
  • E-commerce