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VYRE Unify

The VYRE ECM (VYRE Enterprise Content Management) suite offers a unified structure for managing web sites, intranets, portals, documents and digital media. Helping to dissolve complexity, improve collaboration and bring control to the entire lifecycle of content and assets is fundamental to the VYRE ECM suite.

VYRE ECM adapts to your business rather than enforcing a VYRE methodology. Its modular structure means that you can start with any configuration of the suite’s modules, then expand the solution by adding further modules when needed. All VYRE ECM modules offer a comprehensive range of out of the box features, helping to reduce the need for professional services and keep within budgetary restrictions.

VYRE ECM is both platform and database independent and provides a service oriented architecture, which helps to streamline the design, development and deployment process, as well as reducing integration time, overhead, and costs.